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EVA BELVELIN (formerly Bogren)

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Eva Belvelin, CEO of Fiolosofen, is a Swedish violinist and violin teacher with studies in Sweden with Lisbeth Vecchi, in the USA with Prof. John Kendall and in Japan with Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. She runs her own music school Scandinavian Strings, is a popular lecturer in Europe and produces the Belvelin Shoulder Rests, CDs, books and pedagogical teaching materials.

Eva is best known as

- the artistic leader of the Violin Ensemble Scandinavian Strings

- the former Vice President of the European String Teachers Association

- the former Chairman of the Swedish String Teachers Association

- the Violin & Viola Methodology Teacher at Ingesund College of Music, Karlstad University for 12 years

- the Producer of the CD Scandinavian Strings Attached, including Joseph Williams, David Foster, Walt Aldridge and the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

- the Author/Composer of Little Things for Little Strings (Små Låtar för Små Stråkar), Finger Pattern Tunes for Violin and Viola and Technical Tunes for Toddlers to Teenagers.

"I believe Eva Bogren might be the best violin teacher in Europe right now. Her team of students, Scandinavian Strings, performing at the European String Teachers' Association's conference in Paris, displayed excellent violin technique, beautiful sound and intonation, musical rendering and a joyful relaxed attitude."

Elspeth Iliff - Vice President of ESTA Central Board

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