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The Belvelin Collarbone Rests are formed to facilitate a healthy posture and give full freedom in the movements when playing the violin. They are made of soft and supportive cellular rubber that keeps their shape and color for years. The dense rubber material make them firm yet flexible.

The Belvelin Collarbone Rests come in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large. All three sizes can be used for all violin sizes and be placed anywhere on the violin depending on the shape and desire of the violinist. The Belvelin Collarbone Rests can be mounted with one or two rubberbands.

The Belvelin Collarbone Rests were designed 25 years ago by Eva Belvelin for some of her students who complained about discomfort or had a fear of dropping the violin. Today the Belvelin Collarbone Rests are used by many Concert Masters, Violin Professors and Violinists of all ages.

The Belvelin Shoulder Rests are Made in Sweden by Fiolosofen

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